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  • Thursday Sep 29th
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MENU DATING :: Taste Test Your Way to the Main Course!

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Menu Dating

Whether you’re convinced all the good guys are taken, sick of kissing frogs, or simply feeling cursed by Cupid, MENu Dating will teach you how to rock a stellar new outlook on hooking up, dating and finding your "main course," while filling your calendar (and plate) with loads of tantalizing men.

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Burst Your Tech Bubble

Waiting in line for a latte can be the ideal time to return a call or beat the next level of Brickbreaker and the idea of flying on a plane iPod-less sounds so 2001, but putting yourself in a technological bubble makes it hard for potential mandidates to break through to you. Buds in your ears or your pretty little face buried in a PDA not only makes it difficult for a guy to penetrate your tech zone, as purposefully or not, you are putting up a “do not disturb” sign. In a world filled with tech-obsessed busy bodies, being the antithesis to this is a refreshing sight to see, and a subtle invitation to guys. So the next time you’ve got some idle time, where sure, you could pound through a dozen emails, text your BFFs or get lost in your favorite new download, consider instead disconnecting from your techie gadgets and open up to connecting with a human hottie. I guarantee pushing a boys buttons will be more fun!

xo, Tristan

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In a relationship, you don't need reasons to leave, you need reasons to stay.


EcolibrisTo replace the natural resources used in the creation of this book, author Tristan Coopersmith paired with Eco-Libris to plant trees in Central America.